Recent, Current and Upcoming Projects

University of Erfurt (D)

Germany/ Guatemala, 2020

Lecturing: The America We did’nt know – Social History 1914-1948: Ethnic German Deportees and Internees from Latin America

German-American Internee Coalition (GAIC) / own research

Guatemala, 2020

Field Research on Deportation of resident Germans to US / Germany during WW II

German Army Staff College (Führungsakademie der Bundeswehr), Hamburg

Germany/ Interregional, 2019

Coping with Culture – International Conference 2019: Presentation of Module: Intercultural Issues in Civil-Military Cooperation (CIMIC)

University of Erfurt (D)

Germany, 2019

Lecturing: The America We didn’t know – Social History 1914-1948: Ethnic German Deportees and Internees from Latin America

Zif (D) / OSCE

Kazakhstan, 2019

Short term election observation of presidential elections

Zif (D) / OSCE

North Macedonia, 2019

Short term election observation of parliamentary elections (2nd round)

GIZ / German Cooperation Agency (D)

Senegal, 2018

Feasibility study on 3 regional migration / reintegration centres in Louga, Kolda and Tambacounda for the counselling, training and other support for returning and departing migrants, with particular reference to Senegalese migrants in Germany. The project is an extension of an existing reintegration centre in Dakar.

German-Polish-Ukrainian Society, Berlin / Senior Expert Service, Bonn (D)

Ukraine, 2018

Mentoring mission to staff of Democracy Study Centre, Kyiv, on strategic planning and monitoring.

European Union / Transtec (B)

Moldova, 2018

Mid-term evaluation of the project “Confidence Building Measures 2013 in Moldova”, addressing a variety of projects and sectors in support of the population on both sides of the Nistru River, with a particular focus on the Transnistria region and the conflict around that region.

European Union / B&S Europe (B/RO)

Ethiopia, 2017

Evaluation of the project “Support to the Reintegration of Returnees and to the Management of Labour Migration ion Ethiopia”, in support of 160.000 Ethiopian labour migrants in Saudi Arabia suffering forced repatriation in 2013/14. Project objectives are reintegration of returnees, strengthening of central and regional government authorities in the field of migration management, and awareness in community level on chances of legal and dangers of illegal migration. The project is co-implemented by ILO and GIZ – German Agency for Development Cooperation.